Top 9 Conspiracy Web Sites

There is a global threat to all our freedoms: the New World Order, controlled by the Illuminati, and delivered by globalist politicians. Or is it the imminent alien invasion? The opening of the gates of Hades? Or is it the mind tricks of the entertainment industry?

These are all conspiracy theories, of course, and barely scratching the surface. Looking for more? Read on to find the top conspiracy forums and conspiracy websites, this side of the New World Order.

Perhaps the ultimate website for conspiracy theories right now, Conspiracies has everything you could possibly need. All major conspiracies (and a few more unusual ones) are featured here.

Want theories about Jesus Christ, or the idea that Elvis faked his own death? Is there a war on cash? These ideas are explored, but without any conclusive results. This makes the site a great gateway to the world of conspiracy theories.

You’ll also find links to video documentaries, books, and other merchandise.

The Hollow Earth conspiracy theory
Image Credit: C. Durand Chapman/Wikimedia

Jump up and down too hard and you might just fall into a new world. Well, no, not really, and not in this conspiracy theory. After all, the Earth is pretty big, and the “wall” between this world and the one beneath is many hundreds of miles deep.

Inside, the theory says, there is a central sun, roughly where you might picture the Earth’s core. Here, creatures and UFOs dwell, including lost tribes of Vikings. Our Earth Is Hollow details everything you need to know about the Hollow Earth conspiracy theory.

It is, of course, extremely unlikely that the planet is hollow. But plenty of respectable people have either contributed to this theory or been taken in by it.

For a more general look at conspiracy theories, Decrypted Matrix is a good place to visit.

Using a blog-like format, it indexes many popular conspiracy theories, giving you the chance to comment. Everything from 9/11 to JFK can be found here, along with many others besides.

One entry that caught my eye was the claim that the Gulf Oil Spill “proves” that Adolf Hitler is alive and well, playing an intense 80 year-long game of 4D chess at the age of 130. Who wouldn’t be convinced by that?

One of the trademarks of many conspiracy sites is overall poor web design. Is this the sign of a cluttered mind or just ignorance about the importance of how information is presented to how well it is received?

The Illuminati Conspiracy Archive (ICA) has a very nice, almost academic design, with well-organized information. There are no real rants here, thank goodness, which leads to the site having greater credibility.

You’ll find the usual conspiracy fare within—Bilderbergers, Trilateral Commission, and of course, Freemasonry.

On Godlike Productions, you’ll find material on UFOs, aliens, Illuminati/NOW/Bilderberger and more. Often, most of the discussions just end up leading back to the cause behind anything being UFOs and aliens.

This is a conspiracy theory-themed forum, so rather than reading a blog or news site, you’ll find threaded topics.

Godlike Productions is probably best known for its interview with an alleged former-Illuminati Grand Master, Leo Lyon Zagami. Sadly, he doesn’t really say anything to convince anyone.

Probably the most popular site for all conspiracy-like things.

The focus here is mostly on UFO-related stories and “evidence”. The stories aren’t always terribly well researched or written as a lot of them are reader-submitted, but the layout is easy to use and read.

ATS has been running for quite a while and in that time has performed some self-censorship; panicked deletion of posts. This often happens with contemporary events, so for the best results, stick to the UFO material.

7. Reddit

The home of online discussion on pretty much every topic under the sun, Reddit is unparalleled. It doesn’t have just one awesome conspiracy board—no, Reddit has two.

Described as a platform for free-thinking, the r/conspiracy board hopes “to challenge issues which have captured the public’s imagination, from JFK and UFOs to 9/11.”

Meanwhile, the r/actualconspiracies subreddit is aimed at finding genuine conspiracies. For example, a contemporary topic is the arrest and sudden death of Jeffrey Epstein.

They say that, “Actual conspiracies exist. We ferret them out. No bullshit.”

Not strictly a conspiracy theory (more of a cult) this is the place to go to learn more about our Earth.

You think you know it all, but in fact, our planet isn’t a ball and it doesn’t orbit the sun. No, Earth is flat, like a disc, and the sun flies across the sky daily, casting light upon the surface.

Clearly this is absolute nonsense, but the Flat Earthers reckon they’re onto something. In the past 15 years, the popularity of this belief has risen considerably. While not a conspiracy theory itself, the Flat Earth Society peddles a fair few of them, however, such as the lack of existence of a horizon.

No, really.

YouTube is another home for a host of conspiracy theories. Some are grouped into channels, while others are simply uploads of old TV shows on the topic.

For a more balanced look at popular conspiracy theories, the Uncovered channel approaches them from both sides. This is a channel that has been running for several years, has 1.82 million subscribers, and basically should be on your conspiracy website radar.

9 Insane Conspiracy Theory Websites to Check Out

By now you should have more conspiracy theories and websites that you can tell anyone about. Time to shut all the doors and windows, use a VPN, and don that tinfoil helmet. Not sure where to start? Here’s a recap:

  1. Our Earth Is Hollow
  2. Decrypted Matrix
  3. Illuminati Conspiracy Archive
  4. Godlike Productions
  5. Above Top Secret (ATS)
  6. Conspiracies
  7. Reddit
  8. The Flat Earth Society
  9. YouTube

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