Rebecca Ode

Aussie Tragedy in Bali: Split in Half

Rebecca Ode, an Australian dance teacher, faced devastating injuries in Bali following an unknown incident, marking a tragic turn during her six-month break on the island. Initially celebrating her birthday, she was discovered semi-conscious near Jungut Batu Beach on Nusa Lembongan. Rushed to a Denpasar hospital, Rebecca underwent extensive surgery for severe brain trauma, a shattered eye socket, and a broken collarbone.

Her family fears she may lose one eye, with ongoing efforts to preserve vision in the other. A GoFundMe campaign swiftly raised $206,000 for her medical evacuation back to Australia via air ambulance.

Rebecca’s presence in Bali was intended as respite following her father Kevin Ode’s tragic death in April 2022. The circumstances of the incident remain unclear, occurring on a quiet night with sparse traffic. Rebecca has no memory of the event, waking inquiring about her condition.

Her brother-in-law expressed concern over the extent of her injuries, including brain hemorrhaging and extensive facial fractures. The family is preparing for significant medical expenses, including a Medivac cost of $140,000 and $70,000 in hospital bills.

Support from her mother and sister has been unwavering as they remain by her side during this difficult time. Rebecca’s resilience is evident as she faces a challenging road to recovery, supported by her community and loved ones.

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