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Children’s Hospital Hit in Russian Strike

In a tragic escalation, Russia unleashed a relentless barrage of missiles on Kyiv and various cities across Ukraine, resulting in the deaths of at least 28 people and injuries to nearly 100 others, including at a critical children’s hospital. According to President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, Russian forces fired more than 40 missiles on Monday local time, targeting different urban areas and causing extensive damage to infrastructure, residential buildings, and commercial properties across multiple cities in Ukraine.

Kyiv city authorities confirmed that seven people were killed and at least 25 wounded in the capital during the missile strike. Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko, visibly shaken near a severely damaged building, described the attack on Kyiv as one of the most severe since the start of Russia’s invasion, lamenting the targeting of a children’s hospital. In Kryviy Rih, the hometown of President Zelenskyy, Mayor Oleksandr Vilkul reported 10 fatalities and 47 injuries, while in Pokrovsk in eastern Ukraine, three people lost their lives when missiles struck an industrial facility, as stated by Donetsk’s regional governor.

President Zelenskyy emphasized on the Telegram messaging app that all services were mobilized to save as many lives as possible, calling for global determination to bring an end to Russia’s devastating airstrikes. During a visit to Warsaw, where he signed a security pact with Poland, Zelenskyy vowed retaliation against Russia, promising a forceful response. Despite Russia’s repeated denials of targeting civilians, Ukraine’s presidential office head, Andrii Yermal, noted that the attack occurred during a time when many people were in the city’s streets.

Outside Ohmatdyt Children's Hospital

Official assessments of the attack’s aftermath were still ongoing, according to Mayor Klitschko, as local officials reported explosions in Ukraine’s central Dnipropetrovsk region. The severe assault coincided with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s unexpected visit to Beijing to discuss a potential peace deal for Ukraine with Chinese President Xi Jinping, just ahead of a three-day NATO summit in Washington aimed at reinforcing support for Ukraine amidst Europe’s most significant conflict since World War II.

The hospital that bore the brunt of the attack in Kyiv was identified by Mr. Klitschko as Ukraine’s largest children’s medical facility, with shattered windows and torn-off panels. Distraught parents clutching babies emerged into the streets, recounting harrowing experiences amidst the chaos. Svitlaka Kravchenko, 33, recounted to Reuters how she and her husband, Viktor, shielded their two-month-old baby from falling debris after hearing the explosion. Although their infant remained unharmed, Svitlaka sustained cuts, and their car was buried beneath the rubble of a destroyed building adjacent to the hospital ward.

Local and regional authorities documented extensive damage to industrial facilities, infrastructure, and residential and commercial buildings in cities such as Kyiv, Kryviy Rih, Dnipro, Pokrovsk, and Kramatorsk. Ukrainian air force officials confirmed that the daytime assaults included the deployment of Kinzhal hypersonic missiles, among Russia’s most advanced weaponry, capable of reaching speeds ten times the speed of sound, making interception challenging. Reports surfaced of city buildings trembling under the force of these devastating blasts.

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