Heatwave in Canada

Heat Warnings: High Temps Hit Canada

Heat warnings and high temperatures are expected across much of Canada this week as summer takes hold.

Environment Canada reports that a heat wave, caused by a “ridge of high pressure,” will persist over many regions in B.C. until mid-week.

By Sunday, over 40 heat warnings were issued in B.C.

An update on the ongoing “hot weather conditions” in Western Canada is expected today.

The B.C. alerts cover the lower third of the province, northeastern B.C., inland sections of the central and north coasts, Whistler, the Sunshine Coast, Metro Vancouver, the Fraser Valley, and east and inland Vancouver Island.

Some heat warnings are expected to be lifted by Tuesday, especially along the coastline and on east and inland Vancouver Island, but other areas will see continued high temperatures.

Temperatures in the southern Interior are expected to reach the low 40s this week before cooling on Thursday.

Heat warnings are also in place across Alberta and much of central and northern Saskatchewan.

Heatwave In Canada 2

Environment Canada forecasts temperatures of at least 30 degrees in these two Prairie provinces, with parts of Alberta reaching about 35 degrees by Wednesday.

Major centres affected by the extreme heat include Edmonton, Calgary, and Saskatoon.

Southern Saskatchewan, including Regina, will see temperatures around 30 degrees for the entire week.

Heat warnings are in effect for Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and most of New Brunswick today and tomorrow.

Daytime highs are expected to hit around 31 degrees, with humidity making it feel like 37 to 39 degrees.

Newfoundland and Labrador are also experiencing heat warnings.

Central and northeastern Newfoundland expect temperatures around 30 degrees for the next 48 hours with a humidex in the mid-30s. Southeastern Labrador will face highs between 28 and 32 degrees.

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